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DEFEND+PLUS Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips

DEFEND+PLUS Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips

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These dispensing tips are pre-bent to the proper angle for placing etchants, sealants, cements and other flowable materials. German made & final step washed and blown dry to avoid sediment within the metal tubes. Packaged 100/bag and are color coded to represent gauges for each flowable material.

PN-1227- PINK [Liners & Bases (18ga)]
PN-1228- YELLOW [Sealant & Composites – 20ga.]
PN-1229- BLACK [Composites & Cements – 19ga.]
PN-1230- GREY [Sealant & Cement – 22ga.]
PN-1231- BLUE [Etchants – 25ga.]

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